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Tailwheel Training / Endorsement

Earning Your Tailwheel Endorsement

Earning your tail wheel endorsement can be a fun and easy way to complete your next BFR, build upon your stick and rudder skills, or take on a new challenge in flying all while becoming a better pilot for it!  

Tailwheel flying is some of the most fun and rewarding flying you can do, especially around the gulf coast along the local beaches. 


There are several ways for you to earn your taildragger endorsement:

  • Private Pilot or Sport Pilot training in our tailwheel aircraft

  • Training specifically to transition to tailwheels and receiving a logbook endorsement from your instructor.

  • Completing your BFR in our tailwheel aircraft and demostrating proficiency to your instructor.

  • Training for a spin endorsement in a tailwheel aircraft and completing two endorsements at once.


We offer accelerated training for experienced pilots looking to transition to tailwheel aircraft.  The condensed training includes three days of flying in varying wind conditions at multiple airports and runway surfaces.  By the end of the course you will be proficient to operate a tailwheel aircraft in a variety of circumstances and be able to rent our L-16A Aeroca Champ to maintain your proficiency.


Contact us at: 941-681-0009 for more info

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