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Accelerated Flight Training

Accelerated Private Pilot Training

Earn your Private Pilot License FAST!


Our accelerated private pilot course consists of three weeks of training.


Our accelerated flight training program is designed to prepare to successfully earn your private pilot's license in a fraction of the time many people take to train.  You will be fully prepared to pass the same checkride that all other pilot students must take.  


The schedule consists of you first ordering the accelerated ground training kit from us to begin studying and preparing your ground knowledge before arriving for flight school.  When you order your accelerated ground study kit, you will then be able to reserve an instructor and airplane that will be available exclusively to you twice a day during your 16-21 day training course. It is crucial to your success in this course that you cover ALL of the ground knowledge material before you arrive so you are fully prepared to begin training and take the private pilot written test.

While there are no shortcuts in learning to fly, we can help you be far more efficient with great Florida weather, reliable aircraft, and structured, intensive training.


You can expect to have soloed soon after your first seven days of training; by the end of the second week, you will have completed cross country training, night training, and simulated instrument training.  Your instructor will help push you to achieve your goals throughout the process and ensure you are achieving your maximum potential. With this in mind, we cannot absolutely guarantee you will earn your certificate in just two weeks, the student skill level and weather are things we cannot control, and in rare cases, may require some additional time to complete training.  We will continue to work with you for as long as it takes for you to achieve your goal of becoming a private pilot (within reason) as long as the student is willing and shows the desire to work hard, study, and is motivated to complete the course in the allotted time.  All of this is included in the cost of your flight training package.


If accepted into the accelerated course, most of our students are able to fully complete their training within the 16-21 days allotted, though a minority do take longer or are not able to complete training.  In this rare case, Sarasota Aero reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrollment in the accelerated training program, either due to the student's lack of study habits / ground knowledge preparation, lack of motivation, or just a plain bad attitude of the student.  If it is found necessary to leave during your 2-3 week training course for any reason, any remaining balance will be refunded.

By enrolling in the accelerated flight training course, you agree to dedicate yourself nearly entirely to studying ground material before and during your accelerated course, as well as devoting nearly all of your time to flying, studying, and rest while participating in the course.  This is essential to ensuring your success in achieving your goals with our fast paced study and flight training program.

Course Costs:

$14,495.00 includes all study materials, books, 47 flight hours in a Vashon Ranger, instructor fees, preferred scheduling for 3 weeks and FAA Checkride

Accelerated Advanced Ground School

Private ground school tutoring is optional for our accelerated course, however it is recommended to those looking for additional help preparing for the written knowledge test.  The advanced course includes 4 days of private tutoring with a flight instructor to completely prepare you for the knowledge test.  The cost of the course is $1,199 and must be reserved two weeks in advance to ensure instructor availability.

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