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Our Vision.

Sarasota Aero Club was founded by local instructors and pilots who saw the need for top quality instruction and rental aircraft, all at an affordable price.  


With the costs of rental aircraft rising to new highs, our founding members all felt the burden of having to find a way to pay for flight training to acheive our dreams.  The solution....

Our Vision........


.........was to open a flying club that would not require a "buy in" cost for new members and would simply charge what it cost to run and properly maintain the aircraft (no profit margins allowed).  We wanted a timeshare type business model, where for a low montly fee members could have access to several aircraft, without the burden of paying for hangar rent, insuraunce, maintenance, and all the other fees on their own.  With our model, members are able to rent from a reputable flight school without having to pay into a flight school owners pockets (all of our money from rentals goes back into maintainence, insurance, airport fees, etc. for our aircraft).


     Today Sarasota Aero Club offers several aircraft at the lowest rental rates in the Sarasota / Tampa Bay area.  All members help to cover the costs of hangar/tie-down fees, as well as insurance and other overhead costs of the aircraft through our monthly dues (currently $59/mo).


   There are many advantages to belonging to a club  besides just the reduced cost of renting aircraft and lower flight instructions rates.  At Sarasota Aero Club we have created the best environment for leaning to fly, with an inviting social atmosphere that invites students to study amognst other students at the airport, helping each other learn with the guidance of their CFIs.  We also host at least one social event per month, whether it may be a BBQ, dinner night, or pizza and drinks in the hangar with a guest speaker (air traffic controllers, FAA inspectors, Pilot Examiners, etc.).  Whether you are looking to just fly a few laps around the airport on the weekend for fun, fly down to the Florida Keys for lunch, or train for a career at the airlines, Sarasota Aero is here to help every step of the way!  


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